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Fancourt has six distinctive real estate products: The white-walled, green-roofed Colonial Lodges line the Montagu fairways, Cape Dutch houses charm with their thatched roofs and Oaklands; adjacent to the Outeniqua course, recalls a French Provencal Village. The exclusive Links Ridge development incorporates sweeping vistas of The Links course and adjoining parkland. Links Avenue, with just nine properties enjoying this private address, is the most exclusive development of the estate, whilst Fancourt’s newest development: The Montagu Ridge Houses and Villas overlook the Montagu course.

Property owners from all six sections of the estate are represented on the Homeowners Board.








Real Estate sales are managed by the Articles of Association in the sense that if there is no offer in existence which the Member can accept at the time he decides to Alienate his Erf or Unit, the Member shall appoint the Developer as his agent with a sole mandate for a period of 90 (ninety) days to sell the Erf or Unit to a third party. Such appointment shall be upon the Developer’s usual terms and conditions and shall include a provision for payment of commission to the Developer at the rate prescribed in the then current guideline of the Institute of Estate Agents (or its successors in office). Currently Pam Golding Properties have been mandated to represent the Developer in this regard and can be contacted on +27(44) 804 0078 or by clicking here for more information on properties available. Paragraphs 7.1 to 7.3 of the Association’s Memorandum of Incorporation have more information on rules relevant to the seller of a Fancourt property. Members may log into the Fancourt Portal to access the MOI.

If the Erf or Unit is not sold within the aforesaid 90-day period or such extended period as may be agreed between the Member and the Developer in writing, the Member shall be entitled to appoint another estate agent to sell the Erf or Unit.


Long term rentals of both Houses and Lodges are allowed on condition that the Association has consented in writing to the letting of the property. The following will be some of the conditions for such consent:

  • a written lease agreement has been entered into between the Member and the tenant, a copy thereof to be supplied to the FMHA;
  • Such lease shall be for NOT LESS than 30 (Thirty) days;
  • the tenant binds himself to the Rules of the FMHA; and
  • the tenant acknowledges in such Lease that membership and/or membership privileges may be offered to him in terms of the Rules of the Fancourt Country Club and the tenant will be allowed to make use of the facilities but may be required to pay the relevant rates applicable thereto, as may be in force from time to time.

Short term rentalsof the Colonial Lodges are permitted via the Rental Pool. Members that would like to make their Lodges available for letting via the Rental Pool may complete the Rental Pool Contractand supply the necessary information and photographs for uploading onto the Property Rentals page on the FMHA website. Contact the FMHA office at +27(0)44 804 0050 for more information.

Members should note that Short Term letting is only permitted through the Rental Pool. Members are reminded that they are not permitted to advertise or permit the advertising of their properties for short term rental in any manner other than through the FMHA website.

Colonial lodge owners are allowed to make their properties available to their guests at no rental in which case the Unaccompanied Guest Fee is payable. This fee, currently R220-00 per lodge per day, serves to fund operational expenses relevant to the upkeep of the Resort Facilities (tennis courts, pools etc.) and the porter service.



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Tel: +27(0)44 874 1621