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Building and construction at Fancourt is governed by certain House Rules, Building Regulations and Architectural Design Guidelines, which have been carefully developed over a period of time and are subject to periodic reviews / changes to ensure that the key objectives are met and that the uniqueness of the Estate as well as the continuity and harmony throughout the development, for which Fancourt is renowned by home owners and visitors alike, is retained.

The intention of the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Building and Construction is to act as a set of regulations and guidelines to purchasers, homeowners and professionals in the design and development of residential homes on the Estate to sustain a consistency of architectural style and to create an unobtrusive environment integrated into the golfing landscape. The Building Fee Schedule, which informs the purchaser and home owner of the FMHA (Fancourt Master Homeowners’ Association) charges for scrutiny and building control during the construction process, classified in ‘New Building’, ‘Major Alteration’ and ‘Minor Alteration’ packages.

The Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Contractors are intended to ensure that the quality of life for residents in the Estate is not unduly compromised by building activities on the Estate, with minimal impact on the environment, yet allowing for efficient construction by contractors.

Three sets of Architectural Design Guidelines have been developed on the Estate taking specific developments with their special needs and requirements into consideration. These documents are guides to inform and assist the professional team and purchaser regarding the elements of the different architectural styles to ensure a consistency of style within the accommodation requirements of individual purchasers.

The aim of the Fancourt Thatched Design Guidelines is not to re-create an authentic Cape Dutch Village of yesteryear but rather to develop a contemporary Cape Style which adheres to and reflects the simple rules of the Cape Dutch Architecture and which is captured in simple yet elegant single storey houses with well proportioned parapet gables, wolweneus designs, dormer and roof windows with thatched roof and carefully detailed doors and windows set in thick plastered walls.

Please refer to the Fancourt Links Ridge Design Guidelines when building at Links Ridge and to the Fancourt Montagu Ridge Design Guidelines when building at Montagu Ridge.

The above-mentioned Guidelines are supplementary to the National Building Regulations and the specific requirements of the Local Authority.

All new house designs as well as all alterations and additions affecting the exterior of any unit/house are to be presented to the FMHA for approval by the Review Committee (a sub-committee appointed by the FMHA Board to scrutinize such new house designs, alterations, additions or extensions), to the Neighbours for comments and submitted to the Local Authority for formal building approval, prior to construction. The interpretation and approval of the drawings remains the right of the Review Committee and will be adjudicated on merit. All Building Procedures and Guidelines, Fancourt Security Rules and Contractors Guidelines will be regarded as addendums to the House Rules and any transgression of these will be regarded and dealt with in terms of these Rules.